The Arts

Collage of the fine arts opportunities available at Simpson

The arts are in the air at Simpson – literally. Walk past the Amy Robertson Music Center on any given day, and you can hear students practicing their arias, or playing a musical instrument. 

 On the other side of campus, in the renovated Blank Performing Arts Center, you can see theatre students preparing for their next production.

Then, take a tour of Farnham Galleries, where you can join campus visitors enjoying a student exhibition of artwork. 

Some colleges would require students to major in the arts to participate. At Simpson, we encourage students to sample classes and experiences outside of their majors, and that includes the arts. We believe it produces a more successful and satisfying college experience and a more fulfilling life.

Success Stories

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When Mike Fisher ’06, applied for the job of teaching band at West Marshall High School in State Center, Iowa, the marching band consisted of 12 students. More…

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