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Today's employers are looking for people who have a global perspective and direct experience with other cultures and this is why Simpson places such value on our students' study abroad experiences. Through study abroad, students can expand their understanding of the world; learn to appreciate cultures beyond their own; look at their own culture with a fresh perspective; increase their proficiency in another language; and gain a new sense of self-confidence.  Study Abroad is important because it's one more way your Simpson Experience can help you achieve success in your life.

Simpson provides many options for studying abroad both in length of time abroad and locations. All programs offered through the Simpson Experience Abroad are led by Simpson professors and are open to all Simpson students regardless of their major. So prepare to explore, learn and grow through the many global discovery opportunities provided through Simpson College.

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Laura Collins ’13- Triple Major, Study Abroad, Research All In 4 Years!

Laura graduated in 2013 with a triple major in Physics, Chemistry and Math. Laura had the opportunity to study abroad, do countless research projects and managed to do it all in 4 years. More…

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May Term

If you are a student interested in studying abroad on an International Travel Course during May Term, read the following

International May Term Travel Courses

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The college sponsors semester-long programs in which a Simpson faculty member leads the group, serves as the resident director, and teaches one or more of the courses offered.

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Joe-Walt, author of Beneath the Whispering Maples

Dr. Joe Walt International Education Scholarships for Simpson College Students…