Religious Life

The Religious Life Community at Simpson offers a new perspective on participation in a living faith. RLC offers the opportunity for leadership and action among students and members of the Simpson community.

The Christian Fellowship of Religious Life Community at Simpson College is a ministry of student-led groups dedicated to extending worship, service, love and fellowship to its participants and through them to the greater community.

The Interfaith Fellowship of the Religious Life Community consists of a student-led council, which plans various activities to encourage religious life dialogue at Simpson College and in the greater community.  The Interfaith Fellowship also nurtures an environment where individuals can grow in their unique religious traditions.

Leadership opportunities can be found in a variety of areas such as individual leaders of specific groups or you can apply for an Undergraduate Assistantship and become a chapel intern. The Undergraduate Assistantship Program is designed to offer students the opportunity to gain practical, in-depth experience to complement the formal education process.