Financial Assistance

Group of students studying in Dunn LibraryA college education is a significant investment. At Simpson, we are dedicated to making that investment pay off in terms of future success. We also want to make you comfortable with the process.

Keep this in mind: One hundred percent of our students receive some form of financial assistance. We have experts who will help you explore scholarship, grants and loan opportunities.

We are eager to help you with the paperwork and to answer your questions. Throughout our history, Simpson has firmly believed that financial barriers should never stand in the way of bright, motivated students.

Dr. Jaden Tubaugh of Centerville, Iowa, sent three children to Simpson. He says:

“We viewed it as an investment in their future. You get what you pay for. People who graduate from Simpson get positions. When they apply to graduate schools, they will get in, because it’s a Simpson degree, and that makes a difference. It’s the value. It’s what you get at the end. It really is.”


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