Post-Baccalaureate Certificates

Post-Baccalaureate Certificates are designed for individuals who have already earned a bachelor degree and wish to continue their education, typically in a different field. Each certificate is 28 credits (seven courses). Simpson offers Post-Baccalaureate Certificates in:


ACCT 341: Intermediate Accounting I 4cr.

A study of financial accounting, financial statements, and annual reports with an emphasis on the use of GAAP. Topics of study include an examination of the conceptual framework for financial reporting, the use of time value of money concepts in accounting, the accounting for assets of a business, and accounting the liabilities of a business. Prerequisites: ACCT-201, ACCT-250.

ACCT 342: Intermediate Accounting II 4cr.

A continuation of the study of financial accounting, financial statements and annual reports with emphasis on the use of GAAP. Topics of study include accounting for stockholder equity, revenue recognition, income reporting concepts, accounting for income taxes, and pensions and post-retirement benefits. Prerequisites: ACCT-341.

ACCT 345: Advanced Accounting Topics 4cr.

A study of the specialized topics in accounting. Topics include accounting for leases, the statement of cash flows, the concept of full disclosure, accounting for business combinations, consolidation, and foreign currency transactions. Prerequisite: ACCT-342.

ACCT 353: Cost Accounting 4cr.

Examination of methods of accumulating and allocating costs of production for purposes of planning and control in organizations. Major emphasis on inventory valuation in job order and process manufacturing, cost allocation methods in organizations, operations budgeting with analysis of variance and capital budgeting, and other decision models. Prerequisites: ACCT-201 and ACCT-250. (QUANT)

ACCT 354: Individual Taxation 4cr.

The study of current income tax requirements for individuals. Topics include gross income and deductions, property transactions, business income of sole proprietorships. Prerequisites: ACCT-201, ACCT-250.(INFOLIT)

ACCT 358: Auditing 4cr.

The primary purpose of this course is to assist students of accounting in understanding the work of the public accountant and to apply the methods and procedures followed in conducting an audit. Topics include: professional ethics, planning the audit, internal control, audit of electronic data processing systems, types of evidence, statistical sampling, and preparation of audit working papers and audit reports. Various case studies and projects will be utilized to demonstrate audit techniques. Prerequisites: ACCT-341, ACCT-342.

ACCT: 355 Taxation of Business Entities 4cr OR ACCT 359: Governmental and Not for Profit Accounting 4cr.

  • ACCT 355: The study of current federal income tax requirements for partnerships, S corporations, and regular corporations. Prerequisites: Accounting 201, 250. Accounting 354 is recommended. Four credits OR
  • ACCT 359: Governmental and Nonprofit Accounting – A study of the accounting practices applicable to governmental, religious, charitable, and nonprofit organizations. Prerequisites: Accounting 341. Four credits.

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ED Gainful Employment Disclosure Template for Accounting

Computer Science

CMSC 150: Introduction to Programming 4cr.

This course introduces computer programming, emphasizing algorithm design and implementation using conditionals, loops, functions, recursion, and object oriented programming. The course is taught in Python. Prerequisites: MATH-105, Math ACT of 22 or higher or Math SAT of 530 or higher. Offered every semester.

CMSC 155: Data Structures and Object Oriented Programming 4cr.

This course explores object-oriented programming in Java, including encapsulation, overloading, interfaces, inheritance and data structures such as linked lists, stacks and queues. Algorithms for searching and sorting are examined. Prerequisite: CMSC 150. Offered every spring.

CMSC 255: Introduction to Database Systems 4cr.

The primary focus of this course is the design and implementation of database systems. Current database design techniques are covered including data modeling and normalization. Implementation issues with respect to the relational model are addressed as well. SQL commands for data administration and manipulation will also be covered along with creating triggers and stored procedures. Prerequisite: CMSC 150, or consent of instructor. Offered every fall.

CMSC or CIS elective courses 16cr.

Students must take four elective courses in Computer Information Systems (CIS) or Computer Science (CMCS)

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Admission Process

Program Requirements

  • Candidates must enroll in all courses on a regular basis.
  • Candidates may not take or transfer in more than two courses required for a certificate from other educational institutions. Prerequisites must be met for some classes and can be transferred in from other institutions as long as they satisfy Simpson’s coursework.
  • Candidates pursuing the Accounting certificate, who received their BA from Simpson College and already received credit for coursework that is a part of the Certificate program in which they are enrolled, must substitute other 300 level classes to satisfy the requirements, as approved by the department chair.
  • A cumulative grade point average of (2.50) must be obtained in the program with at least a ‘C’ (2.00) grade earned in each class.
  • All course requirements are expected to be completed in a four-year time frame.
  • Written permission from the chairperson of the department offering the certificate program is required to modify course requirements.
  • Each candidate who completes these requirements will receive a certificate which, in addition to the transcript, will serve as official documentation of the continuing education experience. 

2018-2019 Tuition and Fees

Tuition: $375/credit hour
$6/credit hour Technology Fee
→$20/credit hour Online Fee
$125 one-time Matriculation Fee

Candidates should budget between $200 and $450 each semester for books and supplies.

Room and board are not available for candidates in certificate programs.