Management Information Systems

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Fully Online OR
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West Des Moines Campus
8-week courses

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128 credit hours
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$375/ credit hour

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6 start times/year
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Blending the best of business and data management for today's high-tech world

Simpson's management information systems degree provides a balanced combination of both business-related and information systems-related courses.

  • Designed to provide students with knowledge related to technologies supporting organizational strategic and decision-making processes.
  • Data and information is fast becoming one of the world's increasingly important assets for all types of organizations. The growing capabilities in both organizational structures and technological aspects have increased the importance for organizations to develop a deeper understanding of how multi-dimensional information and knowledge impacts everyday business processes.
  • This program provides students with a deeper understanding of business management, organizational theory, and organizational connections to information systems.

Required Major Courses (44 credits)

MIS 145: Management Information Systems 4cr.

This course covers the fundamentals of information systems with an emphasis on business intelligence systems. The latest advances in these systems are covered along with topical references to ethical and societal issues. This course is designed to help students function more effectively and efficiently as managers, decision makers, and leaders in the business world. Students learn to use data analysis software for summarization and visualization of critical business data. Prerequisite: Experience using Microsoft Excel and Access. Offered every semester. (QUANT)

MIS 150:Business Application Development 4cr.

This course will introduce the development of business applications by exploring the fundamentals of application development process, programming logic and syntax, program testing, and documentation.

MIS 300: Project Management 4cr.

This course covers managing a project start up, scope, time lines, cost, quality, people, communications, risk, and procurement. The project management methods taught are suitable for a wide variety of project types such as software development or business projects. Project management software will be used to provide students with hands-on experience in a business environment. Same as MAGT-300. Offered every fall. (COLLABLDR,WRITCOM)

MIS 340: Systems Analysis and Design 4cr.

This course will explore the practice of systems analysis, design concepts and techniques. Emphasis on the systems development life cycle and its phases, requirements definition, process and data modeling, testing, conversion, and implementation strategies. Prerequisites: MIS-145, MIS-150 and MIS-300.

Magt 131: Management Concepts 4cr.

An introduction to the principles of management including planning, organizing, staffing, leading, controlling and strategies. Offered every semester.

ECON 135: Applied Statistics 4cr.

Fundamentals of descriptive and inferential statistics studied through business applications. Topics include central tendency and variability, frequency distributions, elementary probability theory, binomial, normal, and t-distributions, sampling theory, confidence intervals, hypothesis testing, regression analysis.Prerequisite: One of MATH-105/105T, MATH-130/130T, Math ACT of 22 or higher, or Math SAT of 530 or higher. Students majoring in a Social Science should take SOC/PSYC-210 rather than this course. Credit will not be given for both SOC-210 or PSYC-215 and ECON-135. Offered every semester. (QUANT)

MIS 385: Senior Seminar in Information Systems 4cr.

Topics information systems will be explored through case studies of real-world situations, academic journals, current events, and research. Students will conduct literature reviews and critically analyze and discuss relevant literature. Students will complete a research paper demonstrating their knowledge of information systems and organizational impact. Prerequisites: MIS-145, MIS-150, MIS-300 and at least two of the required electives. (INFOLIT, WRITCOM)

Electives 16cr.

Elective Options include:

  • MIS 220: E-Commerce
  • MIS 230: Knowledge Management
  • CIS 255: Introduction to Database Systems
  • CIS 120: Web Development
  • Acct 201: Introduction to Accounting
  • Magt 333: Organization and Behavior

Students need to be aware of any prerequisite requirements for electives. Click here for course descriptions.