The English major at Simpson College, based in a combination of literature and writing courses, is one of the most empowering of liberal arts majors, offering students the flexibility to prepare for a wide range of careers and graduate programs, including business, journalism, and law school.

English-ClassroomEnglish majors at Simpson become acquainted with the great variety of entertaining and engaging writing that makes up our literary heritage. Works covered in our course offerings range from the Greek and Roman classics to texts from the major periods of English and American literature to the most influential recent graphic novels. In our classes, students explore writing by people representing the rich diversity of culture and identity of our country and our world. English majors also learn about the political and social backgrounds that influence literature; they study the ideas that have shaped humanity. Students use what they read and write as tools to forge their own ideas and values.

Our majors have successfully gone on to careers as journalists, editors, publishers, teachers, ministers, lawyers and other professions that require strong critical thinking and communication skills. Our graduates have also pursued advanced studies in law, literature, creative writing, and composition at schools such as Purdue University, the University of Wisconsin, Drake University, and the University of Kansas.

I would say the Simpson College English Department can take you further than you could have dreamed of going. It’s a great place to learn more about your passion from professors who are so passionate about it as well.

--Kyle McKim

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